Hurricane Season is Upon Us. Enter: Grapple Trucks

Published: 20th June 2011
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Welcome to Miami, where 3 months out of our year are devoted to preparing for some of earths most destructive natural disasters, hurricanes. If you don't live down here, it is important to know, hurricanes can wreak havoc on a massive scale, leaving epic clean-up operations. Wind, rain, and lightening can rip off roofs, knock down billboards, and even uproot large trees. These things can become a waste-handling nightmare if not handled quickly and efficiently. One of the most useful pieces of equipment that can facilitate a post-hurricane cleanup is a grapple truck.

Can you imagine manually shoveling the wreckage of a storm like that into the bed of a dump truck? Lets be real, that would really suck. Grapple trucks for sale in Miami, however, take the pain away, being one of the most efficient and versatile pieces of equipment for hauling away debris created by storms, floods, and hurricanes.

Grapple trucks utilize a grapple loader placed on a truck frame, creating maximum mobility and flexibility. Trucks can be driven directly to a location where such work is needed and carry picked up items to different locations with a massive mechanical claw known as the grapple. To allow for the maneuvering of the grapple, it is attached to an articulated boom powered by the grapple trucks' hydraulic system. The grapple truck's boom is mounted on a turret so it can work in any direction.

After a major storm, the municipality's sanitation department will frequently use Grapple trucks for clearing debris. Instead of having workers manually put debris into a garbage truck, the grapple makes the task easier because it can simply clutch the pile of debris in one single bite and then maneuver it into the collection truck. Grapple trucks for sale are well suited for post-hurricane cleanups for a multitude of reasons. The first reason is the way grapple trucks obviously speed up the job. Cleanup is done at a faster pace using grapple trucks as compared to an entirely manual operation. The semi-circular shape of the trash or refuse grapple makes it capable of accommodating large amounts of debris in just a single clutch, reducing the amount of time required to complete a single job. Next, using grapple trucks can be very cost-effective.

A massive natural disaster, such as a hurricane, can cause a lot of damage, and by using grapple trucks, any city or municipality let workers be with their families instead of paying them to work, reducing the labor costs of the city by using grapple trucks that are most likely already in their fleet of sanitation trucks. These trucks only require one operator. Utilizing grapple trucks will also ease the jobs workers' who do work. One of the most laborious parts of clearing storm debris is getting the volume of collected waste from the ground into their respective collection trucks, which is back-breaking work. Grapple trucks can save workers from this extremely laborious task since the grapple will take care of picking up the debris directly from the ground and putting it into the collection trucks.

The versatility and efficiency of the grapple trucks for sale in South Florida and other hurricane prone regions, makes them the ideal choice when faced with a massive clean-up operation following any type of storm. If faced with such an operation following the aftermath of a hurricane, use grapple trucks they will help you weather the storm.

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