Hurricane Season is Upon Us. Enter: Grapple Trucks

20th June 2011
Welcome to Miami, where 3 months out of our year are devoted to preparing for some of earths most destructive natural disasters, hurricanes. If you don't live down here, it is important to know, hurricanes can wreak havoc on a massive scale, leaving epic ... Read >

Digger Derrick Truck Safety

26th October 2010
Digger Derrick Trucks for sale are designed to "drill a hole and put in a pole." It is used mainly in mining and well digging places of need but most of us see them working for electrical telecommunication areas and cable fields. Digger Derrick trucks are... Read >

Vacuum Truck Safety

26th October 2010
Industrial truck usage and performance depends greatly on the safety measures taken during operation. Central Truck Sales of Miami specializes in the quality service and sales of used trucks believes it is necessary to keep customers knowledgeable on the ... Read >

Vacuum Trucks For Sale: Only the Best Brands From Central Truck Sales of Miami

12th October 2010
Types of Vacuum Trucks for Sale to Clean Up the Dirtiest Job you have Most commonly used by towns and municipalities for street cleanup, sewers, contaminated soil cleanup and other such duties, Vacuum Trucks have been doing our cities’ dirty work for y... Read >